Broken Garage Door Cables Symptoms

A garage door consists of a complex series of parts that all work together to help it operate properly. Cables are one such example which supports the whole garage door system. If the cables break, then the garage door will be useless and can make your house very vulnerable to burglary because there’s nothing stopping them from entering the garage. Don’t risk the safety of your family and the security of your property with a broken garage door, call the professionals in garage door repair and get the cable fixed ASAP.

What is a Garage Door Cable?

A lifting cable is a part of the garage door that assists the door’s movement. One side is attached to the bottom of the door and the other to a cable drum that located at each end of the shaft above the garage door. The torsion springs turn the shaft as the cables are winding up and down. When the garage door is moving, the shaft rolls the cable to the cable drums. Once the cables break, the garage door will fall on one angle, making it hard to open and in need of a cable replacement. 

Why Does Your Garage Door Cable Break?

The reasons behind a broken cable may vary, whether it’s the effect of daily usage, exposure to extreme weather, poor maintenance or loose components. Those factors can make the cable susceptible to any damage like corrosion or other wear and tear, which will lead to a broken lifting cable. If this happens to you, act fast and get the garage door repairs Perth professionals to help you fix it.

Signs of Broken Garage Door Cable

To get your well-functioned garage door back to fully functional, garage door repairis what you need. However, prior to the cables snapping there will be some signs that may indicate that something is wrong with the cables. This is where regular inspection is important to ensure the condition of each part of the garage door is up to scratch.

Later, you can report any concerns to a technician who will do a thorough inspection and then fix the source of the issue right away. Here are several symptoms indicating the cables are snapped/broken.

  • 1. Your garage door is struggling to open

If your garage door is struggling to open, it’s likely caused by either a broken spring or a broken lifting cable. An immediate repair or replacement is needed so that the garage door can operate normally.

  • 2. You see a wire hanging loosely

The roller door model is one of the simplest and most loved garage door designs in Perth. Many of our clients report that they saw a wire hanging loosely beside their roller door. When we came to do our roller door repairs Perth, we frequently find the issue was frayed lifting cables. A part replacement is the best remedy to make the garage door work properly again.


Once you detect an issue regarding the garage door cables, don’t wait until a major incident occurs because if your door isn’t working optimally, your family’s safety and security are on the risk. Don’t hesitate to contact our team of professionals for immediate inspection or repair. All Time Garage Doors is a reliable garage door repair company in Perth that ready to serve you with the best assistance available 24/7.

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