Perth homes and businesses have relied on roller doors for over 60 years, with reliable technologies like B&D Roller Doors combined with modern technologies like remote opening with a smart garage door opener.

But whether you have a B&D Roller Door or another brand or technology, there may be times where that smart garage door opener is not working and you are either stuck inside your garage or unable to access it.

There are many reasons why a garage door can fail, but one element that can be overlooked is the torsion springs. These are actually one of the most likely elements to break through wear and tear, as they have to carry a heavy load while assisting the motor in opening and closing the heavy garage door near me.

There are several signs that your springs have failed or are on the way out. Recognising these signs can help you avoid garage door replacement and call the professionals in for a quick and easy fix before further damage is done to your garage door.

Your smart garage door opener is not opening the door fully

If your garage door is only opening a little bit and then stopping or returning to the closed position, the springs are likely the culprit. They take the majority of the weight of the heavy door and if the spring is gone, the garage door motor will have to do all the work.

In order to protect the motor from failing, sensors will recognise that the weight is too much and stop the door from opening.

The door closes much faster than usual

Your springs also help the motor lower the heavy roller at a controlled weight. When these springs begin to degrade or break completely, the motor will not have the power to control this lowering mechanism.

The door is opening unevenly

If your garage door uses extension springs, they are located on either side of the garage door. If one spring has failed and the other is working fine, it means one side of the door will be raised faster than the other side. This can cause damage to the door and rollers so discontinue use until a technician has inspected it.

There is excess noise when opening your garage door

There are multiple springs in your garage door mechanism and when one snaps or stops working, the others will bear a heavier load. Your garage door will likely start to strain with the effort of opening and will make noticeable, louder noises when opening.

A loud snapping noise

Springs can break even when the door is not being used. If you hear a loud snap or bang sound coming from your garage when you are not using it, that is likely a spring breaking.

If you notice any of these symptoms coming from your B&D roller door or any other brand of garage door, call the team at All Time Garage Doors for urgent repairs so you don’t risk garage door replacement which will be much more expensive. Contact our customer service on 0467 051 890 today.

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