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For over 60 years, B&D roller doors have been industry leaders in the conventional Australian roller door market. Tough, smart, and reliable as well as a reputation for delivering the best product to every customer, it’s no surprise that B&D doors are were consistently among the most favoured types of garage door in the residential areas of Perth. Plus, they offer numerous other benefits like a 10-year warranty to back up their products, a wide range of trendy “Colourbond” colours and high-quality safety measures like its lock and shut feature.

We at All Time Garage Doors are very proud to be a Perth garage door company that is able to help you with the installation and maintenance of your BnD doors. As we have our over a decade combined experience in a new garage door installation industry, we are well equipped to handle any issue you may have. So, don’t hesitate to give us a call for free garage door advice and no-obligation quotes.

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Types of BnD Doors

types of B&D garage doors | b&d roller door maintenance

There are several types of B&D garage doors currently available on the market but only two types which are commonly used in Perth residential properties. 

1. B&D Roll-A-Door

This is probably the most popular of the different B&D roller doors. With strength, durability, quiet operation and enhanced security as its selling points, many homeowners in Perth made this their garage door of choice. Not to mention that a 7-year parts and labour warranty is also provided.

2. B&D Sectional Garage Doors

Also commonly known as panel lift doors, this option is made from several rigid panels that move along the garage ceiling when the door opens which sets the standard for strong, safe and reliable operation year after year. Additionally, these doors come in a range of colour and design options to suit both modern and traditional homes. A 3-year part and labour warranty is also provided.

Please note, to install a new garage door, accurate measurements are needed to identify your unique specifications. As such, you will need to arrange a free measure check before we can quote you the exact price and advise you of the best BnD door options for you. 

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The Sophisticated B&D Garage Door Remote and Automatic Openers

B&D Garage Door Remote | Control-A-Door Smart |

Not only is their line of doors well-built and good looking but also their garage door openers and remotes feature a sophisticated design that will appeal to many. 

Called Control-A-Door Smart, it provides an unrivalled level of safety and security in the palm of your hand using a Smart Phone Control. This way, you can rest easy knowing that you can monitor and operate your garage door from anywhere with just a tap on your smartphone. Additionally, if you purchase a Control-A-Door Smart motor with a genuine Sectional Garage Door or Roll-A-Door and register online, you will receive a complete 10-year warranty from B&D Doors.

B&D Colourbond Garage Doors

Aesthetics are part of what makes BnD Doors so popular among homeowners in Perth, as they provide a wide range of colours to choose from. You can mix and match the colour of the doors so that it can fit with the house theme and design seamlessly. Here’s the list of available B&D Colourbond Garage Doors.

B&D Colourbond | bnd doors | b&d roller doors

B&D Roller Door Maintenance on 24/7

Like many other heavy types of machinery, B&D roller doors need to be subject to regular maintenance checks in order to ensure the doors are always in prime condition. Therefore, our professional garage door services team are always ready 24/7 to conduct B&D roller door maintenance at your place. Our B&D roller door maintenance starts from as low as $88, we maintain a great value service. For more detail, call us for our free garage door advice and no-obligation quote now.

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