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Understanding the Garage Door Parts

Ever wondered about the parts of a garage door opener system? As the garage door is a complex mechanical system, so it’s no wonder that it consists of many essential parts that most people are entirely unfamiliar with. Luckily, we are here to give you an insight into the garage door parts Perth that are embedded in most of the residential garage doors on the market. 

A garage door is an irreplaceable fixture for many homes. This convenient appliance not only provides security for your car but also adds a great aesthetic quality to your house. However, despite their convenience, they are still subject to the wearing down that would be expected of any appliance and may need garage door maintenance or garage door replacement parts. To do these things effectively, you need to have a basic understanding of garage door parts and the mechanism as a whole. Therefore, let our professional team do the garage door parts replacement for you, call us now.

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Common Garage Door Parts Perth

We all know how a garage door works; with a push of a button from a garage door remote control the opener will lift or roll up and then we can safely store the car inside the garage. However, behind this seemingly simple mechanism, there are multiple garage door parts working together to make this happen. So, let’s familiarise ourselves with the Perth garage parts because once you understand the different Perth garage parts and the functions, you’ll have a better idea about which garage door replacement parts you need if it’s broken.

1. Garage Door Opener

Garage Door Opener

The garage door opener or the operator isn’t the door itself but rather the machine that makes the door lift/roll up and down. Normally, this machine takes the form of a box hanging from the ceiling, with a cord available to plug into an outlet. The operator is the thing that receives the signal from the remote when you push the button and subsequently opens the door. Inside the operator box, you’ll find the garage door motor, the part that set the mechanism in motion.

2. Garage Door Springs

Garage Door Springs

Next come the garage door springs. If you think the garage door motor do all the heavy lifting you would be wrong. Springs are the garage door parts that holds most of the door’s weight, while the motor controls the direction of the movement so that the door opens smoothly.

3. Garage Door Torsion Tube

Garage Door Torsion Tube

If you have (or are planning to have) an overhead sectional garage door, a torsion tube is one of the key components of it. It’s a bar that placed above the door and holds the torsion springs in place, so everything works properly.

4. Garage Door Drums

Garage Door Drums

The drums are the wheels that pull the cables and make lifting the heavy door seem effortless. The garage door drums are usually attached at the ends of the torsion tube. The energy released from the garage door springs make the drums rotate, this process leads to the movement of the cables and the lifting of the door.

5. Garage Door Cables

Garage Door Cables

You need something attached to the door so it can be pulled up right? The garage door cables are the things responsible for that. When the drum rotates, it begins rolling up the cables because one end of each cable is connected to the drums and the other to the bottom of the door. Please note that broken garage door cables is a common issue occurring in a not properly maintained garage door, so you should take extra care if this ever happen.

6. Garage Door Tracks and Rollers

Garage Door Tracks and Rollers

The main function of garage door tracks and rollers is to keep the door on the correct path so that it won’t crash into the ceiling or go veering off to one side. In order to smoothen the door’s movement while opening and closing, the garage door rollers are needed on both sides and they need to be fitted into the garage door tracks. This will make sure that the garage door’s movement mechanism will run smoothly all the time.

7. Garage Door Brackets and Hinges

Garage Door Brackets and Hinges

The garage door brackets are the parts that keep the garage door arm, cables and rollers fastened to the sides of the door. Generally speaking, garage doors are extremely heavy appliances, therefore, a fastener like garage door brackets are needed to keep everything steady. Meanwhile hinges are the parts that connect the various sections/panels of the door and keep them together when transitioning from standing vertically to lying horizontally.

8. Garage Door Weather Stripping Seal

Garage Door Weather Stripping Seal

This is the part that helps keep out the weather or natural elements like the impact of rain, snow, insects and much more. The main function of the garage door weather stripping seal is to make the gap between the garage door and the walls as small as possible, thereby separating the garage from the outdoors. The garage door weather stripping seal is usually applied along the sides and bottom of the garage door.

9. Garage Door Safety Sensor

Garage Door Safety Sensor

The garage door probably one of the largest and heaviest appliances in your house so it can be a potential safety hazard if it’s not properly monitored. Because of this, most common garage doors are equipped with photo-eye safety sensors to help prevent any accidents. These photo-eye sensors are installed on the bottom garage door wall on both sides so that they can project a beam of light to each other lens. If one of the sensors is blocked from receiving the other’s light, this indicates that there’s a safety issue and the garage door will be prevented from closing.

10. Garage Door Emergency Cord

Garage Door Emergency Cord

Hopefully, this is something that you won’t need to use but it is a must-know in case of an emergency. The garage door emergency cord is another safety feature of the modern garage door. It hangs from the garage door opener box and works an emergency measure because when you pull it, the operator will cease to operate immediately. If the power is out, pulling the garage door emergency cord release will turn the automatic garage door to a manual one so you can lift it up easily. Even when there is no power, the springs still function normally.

Where to look for garage door spare parts Perth?

Now you have an understanding of the many garage door parts that make up your garage door system but where to buy these parts if any of them malfunction? Rest assured, our professional garage door services team at All Time Garage Doors have got your back. We can supply you with high-quality garage door spare parts Perth as well as assist in the installation and repair of any damaged parts. If you are located in the Perth metro area, our vans are ready to roll any time, 24/7. Give us a call now or leave us a message and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

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