Garage Door Repairs Perth

No call out fee
Garage Door Repairs in Perth
Open 24 hours - 7 days a week

We Won't Be Beaten on Price


Garage Door Repairs in Perth
Open 24 hours - 7 days a week

Garage Door Service Perth

No call out fee
Garage Door Service in Perth
Open 24 hours - 7 days a week

We Won't Be Beaten on Price


Garage Door Service in Perth
Open 24 hours - 7 days a week

Residential garage door service

Residential Services

Garage door service, repair and installation for a residential area.

Commercial garage door service

Commercial Services

Providing the best service, garage door repairs and installation for the industrial complex.

Emergency garage door repairs

Emergency Services

Deliver swift same-day services on an emergency situation.

Garage Door Repairs Perth | Garage Door Service Perth

Affordable Perth’s garage door repairs, service and installation for residential and commercial complex ready 24/7.

We are a reliable and affordable garage door service, garage door repairs and installation in Perth. Our garage door installer and garage door repairman team are ready to install your new door or repair the current one whatever the issue may be. Opt-in to our free garage door advice via phone call at 0467051890 now. Then, explain the current situation of your garage door and we will send you a no-obligation quote.

We understand that the convenience of an automatic garage door opener is a need for many homeowners and business owners. However, there are times when something goes wrong without notice and can be a huge inconvenience. This is where our highly trained garage door repairman come in. Our affordable services are available anytime and ready for whenever you need emergency garage door repairs Perth.

Garage doors in the commercial complex hold an important role in the company day-to-day activities. Therefore, regular commercial roller doors service is mandatory to keep the doors always on top form. Additionally, if repairment needed our team of professional in the commercial roller door repairs always ready to fix it 24/7.

The roller door service that we provide has given us a reputation for providing quick, efficient service at affordable prices. Besides the garage door servicing, we also do roller door repairs for any broken roller door or parts that need to be fixed ASAP in Perth. Please Contact Us whenever you are looking for a “garage door service near me“. 

Affordable Garage Door Service Cost Starting from $88

We have mobile vans equipped with plenty of garage door parts Perth. So we are the garage door service near me whenever you need us to check on the garage door motor or roller door condition and do servicing or maintenance. Our professional garage door services team are well-trained and experienced that can do maintenance in no time. We provide affordable garage doors service cost in Perth, WA from as little as $88. So don’t hesitate to give us a call.

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High-Quality Garage Door Servicing Perth on 24/7

We are the “garage door service near me” that has been providing the Perth resident with high-quality garage door servicing for more than a decade. All Time Garage Doors is the Perth garage door company that you can count on whenever servicing is needed. Whether it’s for the residential garage door service or commercial, our professional garage door services team will go an extra length to triple-check the works that have been done on your door. We do monthly and yearly roller door service in Perth to make sure your doors will always be on top form whenever you are using them. 

We provide complete garage door maintenance Perth and guaranteed an affordable garage door service in Perth. Diagnosing and solving garage door issues are some of the things that we do best. Here are some of the common garage door issues that frequently occur in a garage door:

Our garage door maintenance cost is among the lowest of other providers in the Perth Metro area starting from $88. Also, we give free garage door advice so that you can easily explain your current door condition in details. Our customer support team will gladly answer all of the questions, then provide you with the no-obligation quote.

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Garage Door Repairs Near Me – Garage Door Repairman

We understand that as a piece of heavy machinery that consists of several important parts, the garage door tends to malfunction or not working at some points due to age or external factors. Therefore, repairment needed in such a situation, our garage door repairman team is up to do the job any time and any day. We have a crew of experienced garage door repairman that has an extensive set of skills that can fix the current garage door issues that you are having in a swift as possible to get the doors back on top form.

If by any chance the damage on the garage door is too severe; got hit by a car for an instance or other emergency situations which commonly occurs in the residential area; opting for a garage door replacement could be a great option to save time. Rest assured, our team is the emergency garage door repairs near me you are looking for. We are always ready to replace the parts such as garage door motor, cables, tracks or even the door itself with a brand new one.

Looking for a “garage door repairs near me“? Our garage door repairman team ready to go any time. Our mobile repair van equipped with the necessary garage door spare parts and tools. So, if your current garage door not working and need a repairment ASAP, our 24 hour garage door repair team ready to the rescue. Our garage door repairs area of service covers all of Perth from Northern Suburbs to Southern Suburbs. Please call or message us for a swift response on garage door repairs in Perth.

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Garage Door Installation in Perth

We are not only dealing with service or maintenance project. As a team, our scope of works also consists of repair and garage door installation in Perth. With more than a decade in garage door installation Perth industry installing new doors for many homeowners and business owners in the Perth Metro and its suburbs. Surely our garage door installer team understand very well which type of door that perfect for your garage.

Affordable garage doors in Perth, WA are always available for your new garage door installation in Perth. Names such as B&D Garage Door, Steel Line Garage Door, Gliderol Garage Door and Centurian Garage Door are some of the best in the Australian market today and ready to install at your garage. 

Our garage door installer team will do a thorough analysis of your place before installing the new doors. This will help to understand the current situation in your garage. The inspection including the driveway, the building structure and even identifying the colour theme that matches the property. Then, our garage door installer team will provide you with the suggestion on what type of garage door should be installed on your garage.

Eager to start installing a new door on your garage? Rest assured, we provide the garage door opener brands from the premium names on the market, therefore, opt-in our free garage door advice to give you a better understanding of how we work. 

Types of Common Garage Doors in Perth

Commonly there are three basic types of garage doors in Perth. They are sectional garage door, roller garage door, and tilt garage door. For a better understanding of these types of garage doors, please see below infographic.

For detailed info, please reach our team to get your free garage door advice and no-obligation quote.

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Premium Garage Door Parts Product

We also sell premium quality garage door parts based on the brands that received the highest selling and review in the Australia market. We can supply any garage spare door parts such as garage door opener, garage door springs, garage door cables, tracks and rollers and many more to replace the old or malfunction part on your garage door. 

In terms of garage door opener here are some of the garage door opener brands that are ready stock:

  • Merlin Garage Door Motor
  • Chamberlain Garage Door Motor
  • B&D Garage Door Motor
  • Gliderol Garage Door Motor
  • Superlift Garage Door Motor
  • ATA Garage Door Motor

Each of these garage door motors best known for its durability for daily use and comes with certain years of warranty from its manufacturer. Additionally, we offer an installation or replacement service to refit the old part with the one with an affordable service cost. Feel free to reach us and get a free garage door advice before deciding to buy any of our product.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Services

How much is your garage door service cost?

We do monthly and yearly garage door servicing to make sure that the doors always in top form. Our garage door service cost is starting from as low as $88. Please contact us for a no-obligation quote.

Should I service my garage door monthly?

Yes, that would be a great way to keep your residential garage doors always in top condition for daily use. However, at least once a year is recommended for garage door servicing.

What are the common issues on roller door?

Several common problems with roller door are damaged tracks, power source issue, motor overheating, proximiti sensors misaligned, garage door remote control not working and many others. These issues can be prevented by opting in our roller door service in Perth.

How much is the cost to install new garage doors in Perth?

We provide a new installation for garage doors in Perth from the premium brands such as B&D Doors, Steel Line Garage Doors, Gliderol, Eco Garage Doors and many more with affordable pricing. We ensure that the cost of installing a new garage door with us is amongst the cheapest of other providers. Additionally, we provide free garage door advice and a no-obligation quote via phone call at 0467051890.

How to know if my garage door needs service immediately?

Have you begun to notice annoying sounds coming from your door or the door is not completely shut? Then, it’s time for garage door servicing before it could damage the major parts of the door.

What’s the part that often damaged and need a garage door repair?

Based on our experience, the garage door motor is most likely to get the garage door repair first due to lack of maintenance and other factors.

Are your team of garage door repairman available to be called at night for my roller door repairs?

Don’t worry, we often had emergency calls for roller door repairs at around 03:00 am, to be specific, we work 24/7 any time any day, so don’t hesitate to call us at 0467051890 if you need immediate roller door repairs and our team will be at your place ASAP.

Why I must not do the garage door repair by myself?

In short, garage door repair is dangerous for anyone that is not trained even for a trained technician, garage door repair still poses a threat to our safety. When done incorrectly, garage door falling or torsion spring broke can lead to injury to anyone. So, let the professional do that, for you and your family safety.

Where is your area of services?

Our garage door repairs area of services covers Perth Metropolitan from the northern to the southern borders. If you are a homeowner or a business owner of this amazing city feel free to call us at 0467051890 to get free garage door advice. 

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Perth Garage Doors Services

We are the “garage door service near me” that you've been looking for. Whatever your needs regarding garage door openers or Perth garage parts, All Time Garage Doors team will find you the best solution possible and at the affordable garage doors service cost in WA. If you would like a free quotation now, please call us at 0467051890.

Most Reliable Garage Door Repairs in Perth

As a reliable Perth garage door company, our team of garage door repairs in Perth filled with fully trained technicians that have over 30 years of combined experience to identify garage door issues for both residential and commercial area from doing a minor repair to replacing the garage door spare parts in Perth, we are ready.

Dependable, Trustworthy and Experienced Garage Door Repairman

Our garage door service Perth has gained a strong reputation for providing high-quality assistance to the residents of the metro area. Customer satisfaction is guaranteed when you are opting for our instant garage door service in Perth.

Perth Garage Door Company with Same-day Service on Emergency Situation

We can't always predict when an emergency situation will occur at home but rests assured, our emergency garage door repairs team always ready to help you anytime due to our mobile vans that filled with spare parts and the same-day service are ready to roll to fx your garage doors 24/7. Our noted convenience, same-day service, expert professionalism and affordable prices make All Time Garage Doors like no other Perth garage door company.

Affordable Garage Doors Service Cost in WA

At All Time Garage Door, we pride ourselves on delivering the best value for money. As the reliable garage door company, our garage door servicing cost starting from $88 is our testament to the fact of the affordable garage doors servicing in WA. Your satisfaction is our priority on all of our services.

Book Your Door in for its annual service

Save Money on a Garage Door Motor

Contrary to popular belief, you actually can attach a new garage door motor to the currently installed door instead of buying a whole new garage door. That's why you should let our experts of garage door installer tell you for certain what your options really are before you decide to throw away the garage door because of some garage door issues which most-likely can be fixed by our team. For more info visit our garage door motor replacement cost page.

Types of Garage Door That We Provide an Installation for

As the most dependable company to handle garage door installation in Perth, we provide many types of garage door that can be installed at your house or business at any time. From the common panel lift garage door to the commercial favourite roller garage door or even the simple tilt garage door. Let our garage door installer team install a new door for you and leave you satisfied with their works.

Garage Door Service Near Me - All Time Garage Doors

At All Time Garage Doors, whether it's for garage door opener repairs, garage door servicing, roller door repairs or a garage door installation in Perth, call us today to get a free, no-obligation quote and highest quality of products at:


Or you can fill in our enquiry form to get your problems answered by our available garage door repairman and see what the best options are.

Don't let your garage door issues ruin your perfect day, let our professional team help you fix your garage doors 24/7 now.

What’re your garage door issues?

At All Time Garage Doors, our garage door service team are professional in their works that can help to fix any garage door openers in Perth issues you might be having right now even if it’s an emergency situation, with the proper garage door spare parts in Perth. Here’s the list of the garage door issues that we handle:

  • Garage door motor issues
  • Broken springs or cables
  • Tracks and rollers
  • Alignment issues
  • Stiff or noisy openings
  • Missing parts
  • Worn out weather seal
  • Broken hinge
  • Key and lock issues
  • Broken remote controls
  • Insurance claims
  • Instant garage door repairs
  • Roller door repairs Perth

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    Panel lift garage door installation in Perth

    All Time Garage Doors team was professional, courteous and offered the best value for money out of the quotes we received. The job was done on time and is still performing as it should a year later. I would (and have) recommend him to our friends and family. They are the best garage doors services in Perth.

    Marty S
    Thank You
    Garage door service perth

    I can't thank the All Time Garage Doors team enough for their quick diagnosis and recommendation on replacing our old motor. Six months later it's still going strong.

    John and Ann
    Fast and Reliable
    garage door remote control programming

    Dear All Time Garage Doors, thank you for the professional and surprisingly affordable conversion of our door to an automatic roller garage door. The added convenience makes a difference, especially in the mornings rushing to get to work.

    What a difference it makes!

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