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Garage Door Service, Repair and Installation Company in Perth – All Time Garage Doors

In most of the residential areas in Perth and the surrounding suburbs, the look and functionality are both essential considerations for a garage door. Over time the quality of both these factors will naturally start to diminish. Conducting a regular residential garage door service is essential to make sure your door is always in top condition and looking good.

At All Time Garage Doors, we do regular servicing, repair and new garage door installation with high-quality services and products. Therefore, don’t hesitate to reach us for a free garage door advice to explain the current condition of your garage door.

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Types of Residential Garage Doors Perth

Type of residential garage doors Perth | garage door installation | Residential Garage Door Service
Type of Residential Garage Doors

The modern garage door can be found in many residential areas in Perth. However, based on our experience, most homeowner’s favour one of these 3 types of residential garage doors in Perth, they are:

  1. Panel lift garage doors – also known as the sectional garage doors. These are among the most popular choices for garage door installation of modern garage door. Due to its low maintenance requirements and easy customisation capabilities, this type of residential garage door would be a great addition for any home. When opened, the opener will sit up near the ceiling and while closing it will be completely be aligned with the walls.

  2. Overhead Garage Doors – another type of modern garage door that is frequently used in residential areas is the overhead garage door. Its unique characteristics allow it to store the sections that are pulled by the garage door motor under the ceiling of the garage. As such, it is a great match for a sophisticated house design.

  3. Roll Up Garage Doors – for quick and easy access to the garage, roll-up garage doors are the way to go. They consist of panels that travel vertically when opened and gather into a roll. This type of residential garage door can also work perfectly for commercial areas, check our commercial garage door repair page for more info.

The perfect modern garage door choice for your house isn’t always obvious. Depending on your house design there may be certain requirements that must be met before it can be installed. Let our team analyse your house and determine the type of residential garage doors Perth that would be best for you, call us now.

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Affordable Residential Garage Door Service in Perth

At All Time Garage Doors, our residential garage door service is guaranteed to be the best value in Perth. The cost of our high-quality residential garage door service starts from as low as $88.

If you are deciding to install a new one, the costs may vary for a new garage door installation, especially depending on the type and the brands. However, we always guarantee the best value for all new garage door installation. If you have any questions or queries regarding residential garage doors Perth, feel free to discuss them with our knowledgeable team first before deciding on your new garage door. Let our professional team do the servicing on your door, reach us now!

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Residential Garage Door Repair on 24/7

Some conditions can lead to a repairment such as a garage door suddenly not working or you found out that some of the rollers on the door are missing. Therefore, a residential garage door repair needed in such condition to restore the door’s functionality to top form. Rest assured, our professional garage door services team are more than capable to do a residential garage door repair in a swift as possible.

Install Your New Residential Garage Doors Perth Now!

If you are deciding to install new residential garage doors, you have to be extra careful when choosing a garage door installation provider because once installed it will be hard to adjust the position or change the type of the garage door. That’s why letting a professional team that is experienced in garage door installation to do the adjustment is the best thing to do. With over than a decade of combined experience servicing and installing residential garage doors in Perth, our team is ready to get the job done.

Residential Garage Door Service, Repair and Installation Near Me

As a garage door company that provides the most affordable garage door serviceat All Time Garage Doors, we pride ourselves on delivering services that are fast and reliable, which is why we are always ready on 24/7 basis. We only use the best quality products and from most trusted brands for all of our garage door spare parts Perth and new garage doors, so we can ensure you will get the best value guaranteed.

Contact All Time Garage Doors Now!

Our area of services are in the Perth Metropolitan area and surrounding from the northern to the southern border, so if your house or business in this amazing city don’t hesitate to reach us now for garage door service, repair and installation.

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