Climate concern is not something new, and it can affect many aspects of our life. Many of us are anxious to implement behaviours that will lead to a more environmentally friendly lifestyle. Nowadays, homeowners have begun exploring the different options available to be more environmentally friendly like purchasing items made of sustainable materials because they are made through a more efficient manufacturing process and will produce lower GHG emissions. One such eco-friendly appliance is the garage door. 

A garage door is one of the largest appliances in the house and it is frequently used by everyone. As it is continually moving and has many different parts to take care of, regular maintenance is necessary to keep it always on top form. As a reliable garage door service in Perth, our professional team at All Time Garage Doors is ready any time to conduct maintenance work on your garage doors.

As a responsible customer, you may be curious about which type of garage door is better for the environment? Let’s take a look at some features that makes a garage door eco-friendly.

Environmentally Friendly Garage Doors Indicators

There are certain factors that indicate a garage door is environmentally friendly. From the materials used to the manufacturing process, here are some of the key features of environmentally friendly garage doors:

1. Materials

A garage door made of recycled or sustainable material is a recommended option for an eco-friendly lifestyle. Choose one made of wood or recycled metals such as aluminium or steel. Wood is a material that highly supports sustainable and environmentally friendly practices. When you are opting in the recycled materials on your doors, less energy and resources are needed when compared to the door produced by new materials. 

2. Energy Efficient

If you are living in a hot area, keeping a balanced temperature in the garage is a must because otherwise, it will affect the overall temperature of the house. Therefore, opting for a garage door with good insulation and weatherproofing features will balance the temperature inside the garage as well as lower the energy usage of the air conditioner. A garage door with wooden materials combined with resin or wax is usually well-insulated. Heavy materials like steel tend to be as well. Meanwhile, aluminium garage doors are commonly not well-insulated since they are quite lightweight but you may contact the professional garage door service to add the insulation to your aluminium door which will significantly improve the energy efficiency of the house.

3. Quality & Durability

The garage door needs to be made of high quality and durable materials that are able to endure the weather conditions for a long time. If a material is durable, it will last longer and won’t require frequent replacement. A long-lasting garage door is not only cost-effective but also a more sustainable choice.

4. Manufacturing Process

The manufacturing processes of the garage doors must be environmentally friendly, just as the garage door materials themselves. The whole process including selecting the resources, designing the doors, manufacture, quality check and transportation of the products, should be done as efficiently as possible with regard to the environmentally friendly practices.


Selecting the right environmentally friendly garage doors will always be a tough decision. That is why you need to take some time to do in-depth research. If you factor in the 4 categories mentioned above, you can be sure that you will choose an eco-friendly option for your home. Meanwhile, if your current garage door is still operational, regular servicing is necessary to keep it always in top condition. Contact our team of professional residential garage door service to assist you with regular maintenance.

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