garage door cleaning routine

When did you last clean your garage door? Between your busy work schedule and the number of weekend activities scheduled with the kids, most Perth homeowners often forget about this crucial activity. However, garage door cleaning is essential for maintaining the structural integrity of your garage as well as identifying any problems early on. This, in turn, ensures the safety and security of your family and loved ones. Make cleaning a routine part of garage door maintenance. Below are some general tips on how to clean your garage door.

1. Prepare the cleaning tools

– Mild cleaner

Harsh chemicals and detergents can damage your garage door by stripping the finish away. Use a mild cleaner for your garage doors such as dishwashing liquid or car washing soap. These are affordable and easy to find in your local convenience stores. Aim for a non-toxic biodegradable product or a product that contains less than 0.5% phosphate.

When mixing your cleaner with water, the ideal ratio is two gallons of water for every cup of cleaner. This combination will enhance the solution’s ability to remove grime and dirt built up on the garage door.

– Soft and clean sponges or cloth

Avoid using a rough sponge or cloth that might scratch or damage your garage door. Use the same products as you would on a car, making sure that if you drop it on the ground, you wash it immediately to prevent sand and dirt transfer. Rub the garage door gently with the wet sponge or cloth, then go over it again with a soft dry cloth to remove soap and residue.

– Stepladder

A good idea to reach the top of your garage door is to use a step ladder. This ensures you get good visibility and a stable foundation from which to view the door and the work that needs to be done in order to give it a thorough clean in those hard-to-reach places such as the overhead of the garage door opener.

2. Things to avoid

– Pressure washer

While a pressure washer may present a hassle-free, snappy solution to cleaning your garage door, the pressure in some hoses is too much for most garage doors and can cause serious damage over time. Gentle hand washing will take more time; however, it is the best way to maintain good condition so that it will stand the test of time.

– Mixing bleach and detergent

Do not use bleach in your soap solution. Cleaning stubborn stains on your garage door should be done once the soap solution has been completely rinsed off first, and then you can apply the bleach for spot-cleaning.

3. Why garage door cleaning is necessary

– Prevents rust and maintain the door’s finish

Your garage door’s exposure to constant sunlight as well as the wind, rain and dust elements can damage the door’s finish as grime and rust accumulate, corroding the paintwork. Keeping your door clean can save you from expensive garage door repairs in the future.

– Maintains the door’s warranty

Read the terms and conditions of your garage’s warranty as in some cases, a dirty garage door can void the factory warranty and put you out of pocket for a lot more than you expected.

– Reduces hazards

Regular garage door cleaning will make it easier to notice if there is an issue that needs fixing. When you notice problems early, the cost of emergency garage door repairs Perth, as well as the potential hazards that are caused, are minimised.

Conclusion – how to clean your garage door

Garage door cleaning as part of garage door maintenance should be done on a regular basis; weekly or monthly; by all garage owners. It is extremely beneficial for your wallet and the safety of your loved ones to keep your garage door in good condition by cleaning it regularly. Additionally, you might happen to discover a minor dent while cleaning it which can be easily fixed.

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