signs of a broken garage door spring

Garage door spring plays a vital part in the daily operation of a garage door. Essentially, the torque works to ease the door lifting and opening.

No spring means a useless garage door. Even though this part is very unnoticeable, yet the function is essential. If it broke, you’d need to lift the heavy garage door with your hand.

When a spring is damaged, it is safe to say you need to fix or replace the spring. You may opt for an entirely new garage door if you cannot fix the damage.

Be a smart homeowner by paying attention to the security of the house. Repair or replace the garage door component immediately to prevent further damage.

broken garage door spring
a broken garage door spring

Common Broken Garage Door Spring Symptoms

Daily usage will wear down the garage door spring and other components over time. Below are the usual symptoms we found when a door spring is broken.

1. Loose cables – Loose cables are a sign that the garage door spring is functioning improperly. 

2. Loud noise – When the torsion spring breaks, you possibly will hear a loud noise from the garage. The loud bang sounds like someone is trying to break into your house. In actual fact, it’s coming from the garage door when the spring unwinds.

3. Garage door looks heavy – When your garage door is lifting slowly and looks extremely heavy, it might be a sign of broken garage door spring.

4. Bent garage door – The top of the garage door will start to bend if the mechanism tries to open the door without the help of the spring. It is better to opt for new affordable garage doors in these cases.

5. Gap in torsion spring – A garage door consists of one to two springs that are tightly-wound on the top of the garage door. Broken springs will look loosened. This means there will be a visible gap between the torsion springs.

6. Crooked door – If one of the springs gets damaged, the unbalanced opening movement can result in the door opens unevenly.

7. Jerky movement – While opening and closing, the door movement will not look smooth at all.

8. Door falls quickly – A garage door is a heavy piece of equipment supported by the springs. Broken springs will make the garage door fall rather quickly when it closes.

9. Unable to use the emergency rope – Most modern garage doors have an emergency rope hanging from the opening mechanism. When the garage door damaged, you will not be able to pull the emergency rope.


A garage door consists of many parts that support its functionality. A broken component will affect the function of the garage door as a whole.

One of parts that is most affected by the wear and tear of daily use is the garage door spring. You need to check the garage door parts regularly to look for the signs of damage. This way you can detect which part needs repair or replacement.

If you recognise one of these signs happening to your garage door, it is the right time for you to get an emergency garage door repairs. Do not wait longer than necessary because otherwise you the damage may get worse.

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