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Garage Remote Repair in Perth

Is the garage door not responding when you push the garage door remote? This is one of the common issues surrounding garage door remote control which may have many possible root causes. From a malfunction in the control wiring to issues in the opener’s receiver board. It can be complicated which you shouldn’t try to fix it by yourself because major issues could arise if it’s not done correctly. That’s why our professional garage remote repair team is on call 24/7 and will fix them efficiently and affordably. We also provide garage door remote replacement service.

Our team at All Time Garage Doors has all the right tools to reprogram and garage remote control replacement. Garage remote spare parts are also available along with years of experience to do the job in no time. We understand that that convenience and safety are important when using garage doors, so don’t wait any longer to fix your malfunctioning garage door opener remote.

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Common issue of garage door remote in Perth

There are many issues that commonly affect the garage door remote installed on residential garage doors. Here’s a list of the common issues pertaining to the garage door remote.

1. The batteries drained fast

One of the most common issues which very easy to detect is whether the battery has been drained or dead. For a standard garage door remote, an LED signal will turn on every time the button on the remote is pressed. Therefore, if no light signal is detected it may very well be caused by the batteries. You can try replacing them to see if this fixes the problem. If not, call us for some detailed checking.

2. Disrupted signal

A garage door remote sends a signal wirelessly to the garage door opener receiver board to initiate the opening sequence. If that this signal disrupted, there will be no command sent to the receiver board and the door will not open. This could be caused if the remote is perceived to be out of range or the antennae is damaged. If it’s the latter, you would need the help of a professional in garage remote repair to fix it but if it’s the former you could try standing close to the receiver and try it again first.

3. Reprogram the garage remote

The remote-control signal could be disrupted due to an error in the remote memory system. When this happens, reprogramming is necessary to handle this situation. Like many other electronic systems, the reprogramming process could be confusing because experience and analysis are needed to do the sequence correctly. Please call a professional like All Time Garage Doors to complete the garage remote repair process for you.

4. Garage Door Remote is Totally Dead

Accidents happen, garage door remote control included. Whether the kids accidentally drop it into a bucket of water or run over it with your car, there are many times when your garage door remote will be absolutely broken. In these situations, a garage door remote replacement is needed especially one that has at least the same functionality and suits the requirements of your garage door opener. At All Time Garage Doors, we have every high-quality brand of garage door remote control in our possession. So, your garage door remote replacement will be well taken care of.

If you currently having one of the above situtations, don’t hesitate to contact us now, so we can help to fix the issue ASAP.

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Types of Garage Door Remote in Perth

Generally, there are 2 types of garage door remote that are commonly used in Perth’s residential areas:

1. The keychain garage door opener remote

An easy to carry, compact and can operate within 35 metres radius of the opener. An everyday remote control that perfect for any garage.

2. Visor garage door remote

If you are a fast-paced person who’s always on the go, then this garage door remote control is the one for you. Attached to the visor of your car, you can easily open the garage door without getting out of the car. Also, works within 35 metres radius.

Which one do you prefer? It’s best if we talk with you and look at the garage situation so that we can determine which one is the perfect garage door remote control for your daily use.

Universal garage door remote – Garage door remote replacement

We also provide a universal garage door remote if you need a quick garage door remote replacement to save time rather than fixing the current one. Universal garage door remote works with most garage door opener brands in the Australian market today, so you won’t need to worry about its functionality because our team will reprogram the device to sync with the current opener.

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With over a decade of combined experience, our professional garage door services team will surely give you the most satisfying solutions for your garage door remote replacement, reprogramming and repair. Please talk to our friendly customer service team if you need more information.

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