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When you think about reasons why you become stressed or try to imagine things that can ruin your day, you would less likely think about your garage door, right? You usually don’t  think much about it as long as it works properly.

But what if it doesn’t do its job when you need it the most? Let’s say when you have to drive to work in the early morning or you have to rush to the hospital unexpectedly? This can be a situation in which it is not difficult to get baffled. But before sitting down for hours at your laptop searching for garage door repairs in Perth, think about some problems that could have appeared.

From experience, we can say, that most of the time the issue comes from ignored garage door parts that are left without maintenance and relentless use of the entryway. Even if the garage door is not closing all the way, it often might be a mechanical problem you shouldn’t fix by yourself.

Of course, the problem is easy to handle when you know what’s wrong. But there are a few issues that are better left to the expert’s hands when it comes to something like this. Whether you need spare parts for your garage door or a new sensor, it is important to understand the issue so you can ask for professional help.

Garage Door Problems and Solutions

Many people forget how important it is to keep the garage door parts well-maintained. Well, it is understandable as the entryway usually never requires as much attention as your car itself does. But still, to prevent a broken garage door it is necessary to keep an eye on these little things. The next time you have problems, maybe also think about other problems that could be the reason for the issue.

Blocked Safety Sensors

Perhaps but most commonly your safety sensors could be working improperly. They are located near the bottom of your garage door and determine whether something is blocking the entry. If one of them is discharged your door will react by not closing all the way.

Broken Springs

Another reason could be some broken springs through which the door opens and closes. Luckily, it’s not difficult to tell when one of these springs is damaged and thus can be easily replaced through spare parts for the garage door in Perth.

Unmaintained Cables

Furthermore, all carport entryways rely upon some kind of cabling to bring down the entryway appropriately. But the maintainance herefore should be left for an expert to avoid any self-harm.

If the cables look all fine, it might be a good option to check the tracks as well. They could have been twisted, distorted, or in any case harmed which causes the garage door to not function properly as well.

Setting Door Travel Limits

In most carport entryway openers, there’s a default setting to advise the garage door how far to close. If the door is not closing you’ll need to check and possibly change the entryway travel limit setting.

If none of these possibility occurs, make sure to double-check the floor and your surroundings for any small items that could give a false alarm to the sensors. Even though this would be pretty obvious, sometimes little things can cause a sensor misalignment. Therefore it can cause your garage door to not respond properly.


Even though some of these mentioned garage door parts’ problems can be very obvious to recognize, it is always important to ask for professional help. Especially when it has to do with mechanical problems, the risk of getting hurt is pretty high. But finding a garage door repairs near me that is reliable can be hard to find.

When it comes to providing high-quality expertise, professional work and offering great customer service, All Time Garage Doors is the best place to go with. Serving Metro and suburbs, we are a professional company that offers spare parts for any type of garage doors, including B&D garage door in Perth. Have an expert come to your home within a matter of days if you contact them today for more information. Don’t take your garage door for granted and let All Time Garage Doors help you to overcome the issue.

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