garage door replacement remote

When you have an automatic garage door installed at your home or business, your garage door remote is essentially your key for accessing your property. You know how important it is, but they don’t last forever and eventually, you will need a garage door replacement remote.

You might need a new garage door replacement remote for one that no longer functions, an additional one for another family member or work colleague or perhaps you want to enjoy some modern features – like B&D garage doors that include smart openers so you can use your phone or tablet to access your garage.

Whether you are using B&D garage doors or another brand, there are several reasons why you might need a garage door replacement remote including:

1. Remote is Lost or Stolen

If you are missing your garage door opener, it is vital that you call us for a residential garage door service or get a technician to your business immediately.

In many cases, the garage leads directly to your home or business and in the wrong hands, a criminal can use it to access your property. Our technicians will not only supply you with a new remote but re-code the opening mechanism so the old door remote no longer works.

That way any potential criminal won’t be able to open your garage doors and access your property and all of your possessions.

2. Remote is No Longer Functioning

There are many reasons why a garage door remote may stop working. It can be dropped, stepped on or broken through a range of different everyday accidents. They may become submerged in water or they could just stop working because of wear and tear over time.

If you need a replacement fast, contact our technicians to deliver you a brand new remote coded to your door opener.

Should I Consider A New Garage Door Opener?

Sometimes the remote control is not the issue at all, it could be your electronic door opener that needs replacing.

Have you noticed problems activating your door opener before the remote stopped working? Was it making whirring or grinding noises? If you noticed any issues like this, it might be time for some garage door replacement parts including a new opener so you have a reliable system.

We stock B&D garage doors and other leading brands that will give you the latest innovations like smart door operation so you will never find yourself in a position where you cannot access your home or business.

When was the last time you had your garage doors serviced or maintained? They should always be looked at annually for safety reasons and the team at All Time Garage Doors can assist with replacement parts including remotes, openers and much more. Give us a call on 0467 051 890 to learn more about installations, customisation and garage door service cost.

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