Garage door cables play an important role in maintaining a counterbalancing system and ensuring that the garage door system is working correctly.

Automatic garage doors have cables on each side to lower and lift the door with ease. These cables are rigid; however, gradual wear and tear can cause the cables to snap or lose tension.

What Causes Garage Door Cables to Come Off?

A garage door opens when the door springs provide the correct amount of tension to the cables. The proper functioning cables spool on the drums, hence lifting the door.

Below are some of the reasons why your cable might not be working correctly or malfunctioning

1. The garage door hits an object

Auto-reverse mechanisms and photo safety eyes features prevent the doors from closing on any objects below. If the system is old or the safeguards are not working, the lack of these features may cause the door to come down to an object below or car bumper.

2. Wrong size drums and cables

A heavier garage door requires a heavier cable. A cable with the correct diameter is much better than a small one since it will be under strain and break later on. Drums need to be selected based on the height of the door. Taller garage doors require a larger drum that will hold a lengthier cable.

3. Spring has wrong tension amount

Different garage size doors require a distinct amount of garage door spring tension. An improperly tensioned spring during the installation process might eventually lead to problems with the cables. Spring can have too little tension or too much tension.

Springs should be tensioned adequately since a weak spring can cause the cables to unwind, and a very strong spring will lead to the cables jumping off the drum.

4. Broken spring

Cables that constantly fraying or come into contact with corrosion will weaken over time. Be careful, the springs can break while the door is in the open position.

Why You Should Not Try Fixing The Garage Door Cable Yourself

It’s highly recommended to hire a professional expert to perform a garage door cable repair. Thousands of injury cases are reported every year caused by attempting to repair a broken garage door part by a non-professional or do it yourself.

If you do not have any experience or knowledge with garage door repair, it’s vital not to put yourself in a potentially life-threatening situation by conducting the repair. You should contact a professional with experience dealing with garage door parts Perth and expertise in performing a reliable and safe repair on your behalf.

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How to fix garage door cable is a technical activity. It’s vital to seek the help of a professional if you notice any issues or problems with your garage door cables.

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